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Light Up Led Dog Collar - 3 modes

  • £5.99

If you’re looking for a fun and safe way to keep track of your dog the LED dog collar is a must. Not only does it look super fun and unique, but it shows you where your dog is at all times.

Different Colors - Having so many colour options is always a nice, fun touch. Instead of settling for one, you get to choose your (or your dog’s) favorite colour. Another nice reason to have different colour options is that you know best what works in your environment. If blue is all over the neighborhood, you probably want a different color so it doesn’t blend in!

3 Different Modes - Sometimes a single solid light isn’t enough to grab the attention of a driver, so adding multiple selections really helps your dog’s visibility. This LED dog collar comes with 3 different modes: solid light, flashing light, and slow flash mode. This gives you the ultimate command over what your dog needs to stay safe. Simply press the button on the battery box to change modes.

Replaceable Batteries - All the batteries are replaceable with 2032 watch style batteries which are readily available from many shops.

Another great reason to have an LED dog collar is that it illuminates their way if a car is coming and they run out into the road. Sometimes it’s hard to see little animals run into the road, but with a light up collar, your dog will be seen in an instant. Losing an animal is our worst fear as pet owners, so we’re very thankful to have come across these.

Your dog knows when he or she is wearing something new or fun. They’re not only aware of the excitement and reactions of people around them, but they can simply tell when their collar is lit up (who wouldn’t?)! They also love the attention, which is no surprise to anyone. Dogs are man’s best friend. Getting our attention and praise from wearing such a cute collar is a huge source of happiness for them!

Once we came across these LED collars, we knew we had to stock them.

Size Options - Available in 3 adjustable sizes to fit dogs of many different breeds. Size is measured along the length of the collar. simply measure round your dogs neck to choose the appropriate size.

Small - 13” to 15”

Medium 14” to 18”

Large - 16” to 21”

Are They Safe? - Absolutely! LED lights are perfect for dog collars because they don’t heat up and they last much longer than other light sources. Not only that, but they’re perfectly fine and safe when touching your dog’s fur or skin. LED lights were originally made to do just that: the last incredibly long and be 100% safe.

Why We Like Them – We’re all about keeping dogs safe. We love our animals, and we know you love yours which is why having so many flash modes is worth getting this collar.

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