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Insult and Humorous Mugs - Great Gift for Everyone!

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Insult and Humorous Mugs - Lots of Funny and Insulting Slogans
  • These mugs are perfect for everyday use. Whether you are buying this for yourself or a grumpy old git, it is a uniquely entertaining gift. These are perfect for family friends and even your work colleagues
  • Slogans as follow: (Please look at pictures for layout and design)

    B.I.T.C.H Being in Total Control of Him
    Caution Horny
    Angel by Day Slut by Night
    Smoking is My Choice so F*%K OFF Government Warnings Suck
    Sexy Bitch
    Alcohol was Invented So Ugly People Can Get Laid
    Don't Let the Bastards Get you Down
    Don't Abuse Marijuana Smoke it gently and carefully
    I Need Coffee Before I can cope with customers
    FUCK OFF! Im on My Break!
    If I Wanted to Listen to an Arsehole I'd Fart
    Real Women Fart
    Amazingly I don't give a shit!
    My Job is Top Secret I don't even know what I'm doing myself
    Men are Like Toilets! Engaged, Out of Order or Just Full of Shit!!!
    Don't Say I Never Lift a Finger!
    Grumpy Old Bastard
    Tell Someone Who Gives a Shit!
    Useless Twat!
    Lazy Twat!
    Stupid Bastard!
    Stupid Twat!
     The Customer is Not Always Right

    Material: Ceramic

    Food Safe: Yes

    Dishwasher Safe: Yes

    Microwave Safe: Yes


    11oz Mug

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